Professional Athletes + Professional Physical Educators = Optimal Development

Our model at Forge 5 focuses on not just skill acquisition, but conceptual knowledge acquisition and developing young athlete’s cognitive competence.  A camp or clinic should be an educational learning experience, not just a place to practice skills.  Essentially the cage, the court, or the field is our classroom.  At Forge 5, we feel that this ideal is vital to the young athlete’s long-term success on and off the field.  


The Issue

Many camps and clinics today have placed a heavy emphasis on the quantity of repetitions. These camps and clinics do not afford themselves the opportunity to deliver quality instruction, skill development, conceptual knowledge development, and cognitive development.  These camps subscribe to the theory of “The More Reps, The More Practice, The Better Player.”  At Forge 5, we feel that the quality of instruction and repetition is more important than the quantity of instruction and repetition.


The Solution

Our solution focuses on using the most cutting edge educational practices.  We feel it is imperative to not only enhance the athlete’s skills, enhance their conceptual knowledge acquisition, and enhance their cognitive competence.  At each camp and clinic, Forge 5 guarantees the following:

  • At least one professional athlete will be an instructor
  • At least one NYS Certified and Tenured Physical Education Teacher will be an instructor.  This instructor will have a background in the sport they are instructing
  • A lesson plan developed by a NYS Certified Physical Education Teacher incorporating National Physical Education Standards to help increase Time on Task and provide Meaningful Feedback to athletes
  • Differentiate instruction to all types of skill levels and learning types
  • Encourage athletes to ask questions using high level thinking prompts


 At Forge 5, we are willing to take our camp or clinic to you.  We are not tied down to one location or one organization.  We want to develop as much talent and knowledge as we possibly can.  We are able to work in any sized area, with any amount of kids. 

We promise to run the most efficient camp possible.  Before each camp or clinic, we schedule a free consultation to let us understand exactly what it is that you want your child or team to learn.